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Chester Kiwanis
Christmas  Parade
Sunday 12/09/2018
Chester Kiwanis Christmas Parade - Click for Christmas Parade Page
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Chesterfield County

Historic Firsts in Chesterfield

Archaeological evidence indicates that Native Americans were living in what is now Chesterfield county 10,000 years ago.  Known as Paleo-Indians, these initial inhabitants of the area were loosely organized into bands in which people were related by kinship ties.  Leadership was acknowledged on the basis of ability.  Being few in number, they typically occupied small, seasonal camps, subsisting by hunting, fishing and gathering wild plants.
 During this Woodland Period, major changes were taking place in the lives of local Native Americans.  Most importantly, agriculture first appeared and gradually became increasingly important.  Plants cultivated included maize, beans, squash, pumpkins and gourds.  Because an agricultural way of life produces far more food, semi-permanent villages, occasionally containing as many as several hundred persons, appeared for the first time.
 Sir Christopher Newport (who commanded the three ships, the Sir Christopher Newport (who commanded the three ships, the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery explored the James and Appomattox Rivers along the Chesterfield borders five days before the Jamestown was settled.  (Note:  there is a possiblity that Spaniards under Lucas de Allyon may have visited in 1525; however, there is no documented evidence that the party came that far up the James River)
 Ore was dug from Chesterfield soil and shipped across the sea.
 Captain John Smith elected president of Jamestown council.
 Tobacco was first cultivated scientifically in America at Bermuda Hundred by John Rolfe.
 Under her Christian name Rebecca, Pocahontas -- the daughter of the great Powhatan became the wife of James Rolfe, were married in a ceremony performed in the church at Jamestown.
1614 Bermuda Hundred was incorporated as the first town in America by Sir Thomas Dale.
1616 Sir Thomas Dale, the Rolfes (including Chesterfield's First Lady) and a number of Indians leave for England where they will receive a royal Welcome on June 12.
1619 Falling Creek was the site of the first iron furnace in the New World.
1621 Falling Creek was the site of the first lead mines in America.
1622 Mount Malady near Dutch Gap was the site of the first American hospital.
1634 The King of England directed the formation of eight shires (or counties) in the colony of Virginia.  One of these became Henrico County (divided into two counties in 1749 forming Chesterfield), which extended to a large area on both sides of the James River.
1709 Midlothian produced the first commercially mined coal in America.
1749 Farrar's Island site selected for Nation's first university.
1749 On May 25, act of the General Assembly divides County of Henrico into two separte counties where the current Chesterfield County is born.
1776 Declaration of Independence, adobted on July 4, was officially communicated to Chesterfield authorities on August 2, at which time the oath of allegiance to the United States was taken.
British General Benedict Arnold surprised the Virginia Navy at Osborne's Landing in the old river channel by Farrar's Island (the site of Henricus Historical Park).  Though the American fleet consisted of approximately 20 ships, they were no match for the cannons firing from the river banks on Farrar's Island.  It soon became apparent to James Maxwell, the American commander, that the Americans could not remain where they were and expect to survive the onslaught.  He ordered retreat. Those vessels that could not be moved were set afire.  As the British continued to fire upon the American ships, some crew members tried to escape in boats; others jumped overboard into the James River and swam across to the opposite shore.  Without any ships of their of their own to pursue the escaping vessels, the British had to content themselves with the nine ships they either sank or captured.  Listed among those vessels lost at Osborne's were the flagship Tempest and the lesser ships Apollo, Jefferson, and American Fabious. The hulks of several of these are believed to survive in the silt on the river bottom.
1795 Bosher's Dam near Bon Air was the first large multipurpose dam in Virginia.
1807 Midlothian Turnpike was the first paved road in Virginia.
1811 The first commercial tramway in America, the predecessor of the railroads, was operated from the Brown, Page and Burr gunpowder plant on Falling Creek to its storage magazine a mile away.
1812 The first school for deaf mutes in the United States was located at Cobbs on the lower Appomattox.
1831 The Midlothian to Manchester Railroad was the first in Virginia.
1863 At Drewry's Bluff, the Confederate governments first and only institution of higher learning, its Naval Academy was activated.
1921 Fathers' day was originated by three ladies from Drewry's Bluff.

Designated Landmarks

Chalkley Residence
4600 Centralia Road

Chester Collegiate Institute
12133 Richmond Street

Chester Hill
2810 Swineford Rd

Chester Presbyterian Church
3424 W. Hundred Road

Circle Oaks
4510 Centralia Road

Clark Residence
4515 Centralia Road

Clerk’s Office of 1828
66 W. Krause

Clerk’s Office of 1889
10011 Ironbridge Road

Clover Hill
16401 Clover Hill Road

Courthouse of 1917
10011 Ironbridge Road

Davis Hall
2900 Boisseau

14600 Eppes Falls Road

Falling Creek Ironworks
6407 Jefferson Davis Highway

Home Economics Cottage
3909 West Hundred Road

Morrissette House
1400 Salisbury Drive

O. B. Gates Residence
8011 Gates Bluff Place

Point of Rocks
1011 Point of Rocks Road

Ragland House
4626 Centralia Road

Salem Baptist Church
5920 Centralia Road

Shirley Seminary/Truehart House
12141 Richmond Street

Swift Creek Mill and Playhouse
17401 Jefferson Davis Highway

Vawter Hall & Old Presidents Home
3001 E. River Road

Ware Bottom Springs
1601 West Hundred Road

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