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Chester Kiwanis Christmas Parade:
Sunday 12/10/2017
Chester Kiwanis Christmas Parade - Click for Christmas Parade Page

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Parade Flyer (doc)

Parade Flyer (pdf)

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Registration (pdf)
Video Gallery

         Chester Kiwanis
 John Byrd, Ventriloquist          

           2010-12-12                  2010-12-12          
         Chester Kiwanis                Chester Kiwanis
 Christmas Parade - Part 1   Christmas Parade - Part 2


      Concert on the Green       
   Ft Lee 392nd Army Band

            2008-06-10                     2008-06-10                   2008-05-30                    2008-05-30          
      Concert on the Green        Concert of the Green                 Spring Fling                         Spring Fling
   Ft Lee 392nd Army Band
    Ft Lee 392nd Army Band              Spectrum                           The Event



             2007-06-12                    2007-06-12                  2007-06-12                    2007-06-12             
     Concert on the Green         Concert on the Green         Concert on the Green           Concert on the Green
Ft Lee 392nd Army Band      Ft Lee 392nd Army Band
    Ft Lee 392nd Army Band    Ft Lee 392nd Army Band



           2007-05-30                     2007-05-30                   2007-02-19               
            Spring Fling                         Spring Fling                      Chester, VA            
        The Janitors #1 
                   The Janitors #2         Chuck Washington Tai Chi



2007-01-27                    2006-12-10                     2006-12-03 
             Chester, VA                      Chester, VA                    Williamsburg, VA
               Chili Day                    Christmas Parade               Grand Illumination                     


          2006-11-27                    2006-05-31                     2006-05-31
     Lewis and Clark Skit                  Spring Fling                        Spring Fling   
           Kiwanis Cast                    The Janitors #1                  The Janitors #2        

2006-03-20                    2005-06-14                     2005-06-03        
 Kiwanis Park Land Donation     Concert on the Green                 Spring Fling  
              Video Tour                  The Fort Lee Band                   The Janitors                          


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